Ag Introduction

Experts predict that the global population will exceed nine billion people by 2050, an increase of almost two billion people based on the current population. Feeding the future population will be a challenge because we will need to do so with less land and less water than we have today. To ensure a reliable food supply, growers worldwide are turning to new smart fertilizer technology to increase effi ciency; optimize planting, corrective soil chemistry, growing more by using less water and fertilizers, harvesting; allow for remote monitoring; control costs and improve profitability and more.

Enviro Science Technologies Inc. low sodium, eco-friendly, clean, and smart fertilizer technology, providing bioavailable micronutrients, and adjuvants, helps farmers grow food more sustainably and productively to feed our growing world population.

Enviro Science Technologies Inc. is educating distributors, dealers, and farmers about corrective soil chemistry, making, and supplying customize solution based on seeds, crops, region, soil type and weather to maximize quality crop production, profit, and Share field data to help farmers minimize input cost and maximize yields. Enviro Science Technologies Inc. low sodium eco-friendly clean fertilizer technology helps minimize fertilizer and ag-chemical runoff and leaching into rivers, creeks, and aquifers, protecting the environment and ecosystems.