Shipping Information


Here you will find all our Shipping and Packaging Info. Custom packaging is available per customer request. Please contact our Office for additional information.

We package our products according to DOT specifications and 49 CFR rules and regulations. Our product class is 55 for shipping most of our products. General description of most of our product is “Cleaning Compound,Liq. Nos

For Domestic shipments: We will create Bill of Landing for each shipment and use common freight carriers for all our domestic shipments. We pass on freight discount to our customers, and check freight rates with more than 4 to 5 different truck lines to get the best rate possible.

For international shipment: For most shipment going to Asia, Europe, and South America is shipped via ocean freight. Shipment going to Canada and Mexico is generally shipped by ground, with common Freight carriers. Per customer request we can ship from door to door or door to port. Our shipping department is also very knowledgeable for handling air shipment to in and out of United States.

For Small packaging: For shipping weight under 70/lbs and under we use UPS and Fed-Ex for ground and air shipments. We prepay and add all freight, handling and shipping charges to customer’s invoices.

Preparing Shipments:

All pallets quantity shipments are shrink-wrapped, labeled and properly placarded for safety and to prevent damage when in transit. An additional freight charge applies to all freezable shipment shipped during the winter months.


(12×1) Quart bottles per case

36cases per pallet

Each case weight 25.25/lbs

Total gross weight per pallet 909/lbs

Truckload quantity-20pallets total weight-18180/lbs


(4×1)/gal case

36 cases per pallet

Each case weight 34/lbs

Total gross weight/pallet 1224/lbs

Truckload quantity-20pallets total weight-24480/lbs


5gal pail

36×5/gal pails per pallet

Each pail weight 45/lbs

Total gross weight /pallet 1620/lbs

Truckload quantity-20pallets total weight-32400/lbs


55 gal drums

4×55/gal drums per pallet

Each drum weight 480/lbs

Total gross weight per pallet 1920/lbs

Truckload quantity-20pallets total weight-38400/lbs


275/gal Plastic Tote

Empty Tote weight-130/lbs

Full Tote weight-2282.50/lbs

Gross weight= 2412.50/lbs

Truckload quantity-20 Totes total weight-48, 250/lbs

15/gal, 20,gal, and 30,gal plastic drums.

16 fl-oz (pints), 8 fl-oz, 4 fl-oz and 2 fl-oz plastic bottles.

450/lbs dry powder in a 55/gal open head drum.

50/lbs dry powder in a 5/gal plastic pails or in to a cardboard box with a liner.

2/lbs and 1 /lbs white plastic jars,